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We work in a clear and transparent way and we will sell or rent your house as if it were our own.
We know the market and we are realistic when determining its price.
You will always communicate with the same person and that will be the who will take care of your house throughout the process.
We will keep you informed of everything at all times.

If you want to sell or rent your house, send us your information through the contact form.

Personal Data

Property Data

We come to see you

We would like to get to know you so that we can better convey the essence of your home and experience the feeling of seeing it for the first time, as potential buyers will do.

We want to see what stands out the most in your home to maximize it and give it the best outlet on the market.

We carry out a study of your property taking into account all its details and market factors to obtain an adequate valuation.

We take care of the details

Details are important and make a difference.

We study what day and time is the best to take pictures according to the orientation of your house and we organize the spaces if necessary to optimize them to the maximum and get a better snapshot, and above all that reflects reality.
We remove the most personal elements of the seller so that the potential buyer imagines the house as his future home..

We always work with photographs taken by professionals and we also take a virtual tour of your home so that clients can get an even more realistic idea of the spaces before scheduling a visit.

We decorate (Home staging)
The first impression is very important

We offer you to decorate and furnish your home. We use furniture and decoration for rent or purchase, as well as plants that we expressly select for each property to get the most out of it and that you will fall in love when you enter..

We reform and / or render

We work with a renovation team made up of architects and interior designers to renovate your home in case you want to get more out of it when renting or selling it, or for yourself.
We develop a tailor-made project and carry it out on time and with a closed budget. Keys in hand, everything ready to market or so you can move in.
We also make plans with proposals for new layouts and “renders” (virtual images) of how a renovated home would look, to give potential clients ideas and imagine how it might look.
Both the reform and the rendering of images are methods that help to shorten the times of sale or rent.

We commercialize

We disseminate the flats through the main portals (Idealista, Habitaclia, Fotocasa and Yaencontre) and also on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

We are in direct contact with all those clients who have not yet found what they are looking for in order to offer them your property, and we collaborate with foreign relocation companies with Golden Visa and we are present in international portals.

We keep you posted

We will be in touch with you to inform you of how the visits are going, the feelings of the clients and how the rental or sale process is progressing.
We record all visits and prepare reports that allow us to know where we are in the commercialization.
We will send you a weekly report so that you know at all times how the process of selling or renting your house is going.
We study each offer and its conditions as well as the profile of each offeror to determine the solvency and the real possibility of each one of safely reaching the purchase or rental.

We calculate your taxes and advise you legally

In our team we have a person with a Law degree who will advise you on all legal aspects related to the rental, sale or purchase of your property so that you do not have "surprises" when it comes to paying taxes.